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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mysterious Marks Near Dunhuang, China

There is some mysterious marks which some call airports near the ancient city of Dunhuang in Gansu Province, I believe. I will provide solid evidence that these are nothing like an airport that I have ever heard of and I am a retired engineering manager and a pilot.
The above image is of the actual airport at the City of Dunhuang and shows the runway is almost due east and west and marked with standard airport markings used around the world. The lines are about 490 feet apart and go past a landing aircraft every couple seconds.
If one goes to Google earth and enters the latitude and longitude provided on the bottom of the first image, you can move the cursor around and see that the marks are not built up in elevation as an airport would be. Road graders and compactors are needed to pack a soil field sufficiently to safely take the extreme pressure that landing gears make at times. Any yielding of the dirt would cause the plane to spin out of control. Airports must have thick, steel reinforced concrete to prevent damage from the occasional hard landing one can expect occasionally when crosswinds cause the entire weight to focus on one wheel.
Of course, there are no support buildings or taxiways to parking areas.
One may also see that common truck and military tank traffic have made tracks out across a number of the marks and therefore it cannot be paved or a prepared surface. If the marks were graded and compacted, they would be nearly perfectly level lengthwise and side to side. When tracing the contour with GE they still show the general contour of the area around them. One indicates a swoop downward of some 9 feet of elevation within a few hundred feet. This would definitely not work well for an airport. And the airport at Dunhuang City is 9500 feet in
length and only 140 feet wide. The east mark is only a little over 4000 feet and that length would only be suitable
to a very small, light-weight aircraft. One of the marks is over 817 feet wide.
Water erosion on the western marks indicates that this desert area was once quite a bit moister and the marks were
already there during heavy rains or snow runoff. Even the darker colored areas which one might be tempted to
think are paved, show signs of serious erosion and numerous tracks from tanks and trucks.
But the best indication of age is the ancient great wall built across the corner of the west major mark. These walls
have a distinct signature due to the way they were constructed from grass and soil gathered from both sides of the
wall. You can see in the image below that even the white section of the mark was scraped and stacked up. This
section of the wall was rebuilt and a short-cut taken and that is why they intersection at such an acute angle.
One can see the natural soils in the area provide the source of the two colors used in the pattern. The bluish color
seems to be deeper under the natural grey color and the white is a higher level which is why the tracks are white on
grey. Note that all tank and truck traffic leaves tracks that last forever. If the "airport" had been constructed by
ancient or modern methods, the access equipment tracks would still show.
There are some simple considerations to prove the designs are inter-related. The left mark has the perimeter traced in green and the center likewise in yellow. Both of these perimeters are 22360.6 feet in length, plus or minus a few feet. The red line connecting the SW corner of the east mark with the center angle of the NW mark is also this same length, which most people will realize is the square root of 5 = 2.236068. This is also the source number for the sacred number of phi (1.618033989) used repeatedly in natural events.
The magenta line bisects the NW mark and points right at the sharp corner in the west mark and are at an azimuth of 161.8 degrees. It is also a precise length.
Then I have also shown using orange that the right mark points at the left end of the northwest angle mark. The distance is 4000 x pi = 12,566.37 plus or minus a few feet. Then too I have marked in purple some lines indicating the left mark is probably pointing at events in the center mark. All these events cannot be accidental. But there are far too many mathematical relationships being developed using AutoCAD and MathCAD software to describe no and they will be dealt with later.
The two eastern marks and a square shown below seem to have modern refinishing of the surface, perhaps designed to be more visible for bombing as they contain potholes which could be from bombing. It is not clear why they chose to do the marking in a fashion similar to bar coding systems, but that is what is clearly there. The bar code type marking is quite precise on the two longer marks, but this one appears to be done in a sloppier manner and is out of character with the other marks.
The purpose of this article is to remain simple and not bore people with complex mathematics. The marks below are just east and west of the huge marks above. They are not of similar scales.
These marks could contain an encyclopedia of data if one breaks the coding. The near square in the bottom left is not only oriented true north at an azimuth of 360 degrees (also zero) but the length is 2777.77 feet which is the reciprocal of 36 times 10,000. This seems likely some type of signal to provide methodologies for more complex solutions.
The strange pattern at the bottom right is 1420.4 x 4 feet in width which is the hydrogen neutral frequency very prevalent in the universe and the frequency we use to search for life in outer space. The height is 4400 feet and 440 cycles per second is the middle "A" note on the piano and the foundation for musical tuning. It is hard for me to believe that some military people would choose these numbers for some type of bombing pattern.
One might wonder why I am using feet instead of meters, and the answer is simple€ ¦’¥ works. There could be other systems in metric units, but I have not discovered them yet. The pattern on the bottom right is yielding some mind boggling relationships.
I am not trying to indicate that these patterns are necessarily derived from anything like ancient aliens or even abnormal human abilities like savants. I am just trying to provide insight into the design. I fully expect that the ultimate solutions will provide convincing evidence as to what type of intelligence put them there.

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Camuflaje OVNI


En nuestro mundo, una de las facultades que más nos asombra del mundo animal es la llamada mimetismo. Esta es la capacidad de los organismos vivos para pasar inadvertidos para los depredadores. Las variantes son múltiples, desde cambiar el color del pelaje, confundiéndose con su medio, hasta el de adquirir las formas de su entorno, incluso cuando nosotros mismos observamos el comportamiento de animales de nuestro interés, utilizamos el recurso del camuflaje. En la guerra la invisibilidad es una premisa, es por eso que la nación que logre duplicar el camuflaje OVNI obtendrá todas las ventajas sobre su enemigo. Actualmente existen naves invisibles, por lo menos para el radar, como el llamado Stealth Fighter, que por su diseño y pintura especial pasa inadvertido para los radares.

Einstein, en una de sus teorías afirmaba que mediante procesos magnéticos haciendo vibrar un objeto, esté podría desplazar el espectro electromagnético visible que despiden los objetos haciéndolos completamente indistinguibles para el ojo humano. Teoría que se probaría en el tristemente célebre experimento Filadelfia en 1947, con repercusiones bastante lamentables.

Los rayos infrarrojos y ultravioleta están por encima y por debajo, respectivamente, del espectro visible para el ojo humano. Para que una frecuencia infrarroja pueda ser perceptible son necesarios elementos ópticos y tecnológicos de los que carece el ojo humano, sin embargo, un ejemplo claro para poder realizarlo en nuestro hogar, basta colocar un telemando frente a una cámara de video y observarlo en el monitor de televisión.

Esto explicaría cómo aparece y cómo queda registrado en un video un OVNI, cuando al realizar la grabación éste no se observa y ni siquiera es el centro de atención. No obstante, este fenómeno también se produce en negativos fotográficos aun cuando este proceso (óptico químico) es diferente al video. Dando una idea de que si nuestras percepciones físicas no pueden detectar estos avistamientos, sí se cuenta con elementos para poder observarlos.

Otro tipo de camuflaje OVNI (al menos físico y visible), sería el de adoptar las formas del entorno atmosférico, en este caso nubes. Se han registrado avistamientos donde los observadores de estos fenómenos, ven claramente cómo las nubes tienen movimientos caprichosos en el cielo. Estos movimientos por cierto muy semejantes a los observados a través de la historia, donde incluso algunos casos se observan bajar entidades de las mismas.

Por otra parte, la misma maniobrabilidad de algunos OVNI´s hacen que pasen desapercibidos para algunos instrumentos de detección, esto como es de suponerse, sólo es necesario hallarse fuera del campo que cubre un radar, colocándose por encima o por debajo para pasar inadvertido. En medio de estos parámetros explicativos queda otra interrogativa, ¿se pueden ver o fotografiar entidades que se desarrollan en un plano de tres dimensiones? No, no se puede, ya que no obedecen las leyes físicas y ópticas del mismo comportamiento que conocemos, haciendo imposible dejar constancia en una placa o en un video, al menos con la óptica terrestre tal y como la conocemos.

Como se podrá deducir entonces, el hecho de que observemos OVNI´s en el cielo, sólo puede tratarse de un acto consciente de ser observados y enterarnos que allá arriba está sucediendo algo.